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Tyvek®is used to make maps and other information materials that require constant folding and turning, as well as resistant to moisture and sun. No other material can find such a unique balance of properties that gives Tyvek® as lightness and durability, vapor impermeability, moisture and chemical resistance; resistance to puncture, wear and abrasion. Tyvek®  also has low level of textile dust, are smooth and opaque.

Geographic maps:

  • for tourists

  • for motorists

  • for anglers for hunters

Maps for extreme types of recreation:

  • mountaineering

  • windsurfing

  • hang gliding

  • kitesurfing

  • paragliding

  • parachutism

For  "paper" map production it is used item number 1057D. "Crumpled" maps are made of Tyvek® item 1442R.

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