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Tyvek® is the best combination of paper, film and fabric in one material, so it is ideal for a wide variety of applications in which strength, moisture resistance, water vapor permeability, light weight, and resistance to mechanical and chemical stress are appreciated. In addition, Tyvek® does not emit a fibrous pile, is opaque and has a smooth surface. In the shows of many fashion designers regularly appear copies in whole or in part made of modern and high-tech synthetic material - Tyvek®.

Tyvek® is actively used for tailoring of different function: 

  • Windbreakers for sporting events.

  • Clothing for promotional events - presentation clothing.

  • In winter ski suits to strengthen clothing in places with increased load.

  • Overalls (overalls for manufactures and medical institutions).

  • Raincoats. 

In wear production it is used Tyvek® item numbers 1442R, 1473R, 1560K, 1580K, 3563M (metallized series).

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