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A furniture cover made of Tyvek® is the only protective cover on the market that has such properties as water resistance, breathability and high tensile strength. By combining these characteristics, the boot reliably protects the surface of the furniture from the effects of sudden changes in temperature, precipitation, and sunlight.

he unique non-woven structure of the material protects the surface of the furniture from dust, dirt, moisture, thus avoiding the formation of stains and turbidity of the surface. The furniture cover Tyvek® passes air and water vapor, thereby preventing the appearance of mold and rotting of furniture during long-term storage in a warehouse, transportation or outdoors. Tyvek® does not absorb water, which makes it significantly lighter than other covers.


The cover is easy to put on and take off. It is very thin and light, but at the same time durable. The cover awning will reliably protect garden furniture from occurrence of chips, cracks and other damages.

For furniture covers production is used Tyvek®1442R, 1560K, 1580K, 3563M (metallized series).

Protective covers Tyvek® DuPont™

 Tyvek® DuPont™ covers properties

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