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Tyvek® is widely used in outdoor and indoor advertising. Tyvek® is extremely resistant to water penetration. Water  does not “wet” its surface, this means that water does not leak, but remains on the surface in the form of droplets. Unlike paper, Tyvek® is a hydrophobic material and does not absorb water. Tyvek® retains its original appearance, both dry and wet, which is important for outdoor advertising. In addition to the unique properties, Tyvek® is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, which makes it indispensable for use in indoor printing.

  • Banners, posters, signs.

  • Interior printing in shopping centers - on the stands, posters.

  • Advertising on the street, at bus stops.

  • Scrollers (light boxes).

For outdoor and indoor advertising we use Tyvek® item numbers  1073D and 1082D

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