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The use of Tyvek® for packaging has many advantages. Tyvek® is durable, durable, breathable and very versatile. Nonwovens of the company have unique characteristics and provide the highest quality guarantees. The structure of the material creates tortuous pores, which leads, in turn, to excellent barrier properties against microparticles and bacteria, leaving behind the permeability to water vapor, gases and sterilizing substances. Tyvek®, made from 100% polyethylene, does not rot, does not get wet, and is inert to most chemicals.

  • Bags for the agro-industry.

  • Wrap for boxes.

  • Camouflage.

  • Desiccant bags.

  • Electronics packaging.

  • Industrial bags.

  • Gasket for glass, plastic or metal sheets.

  • Lamination.

  • Shirts for boxes, cans and containers.

  • Military packaging.

  • Bags for exploration and mining.

  • Packaging for odor absorbers.

  • Wrap for appliances, car bumpers, carpets, fabrics, furniture, metal and tires.

  • Chemical bags.

  • Packaging for dangerous goods.

 Tyvek® properties

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