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Tyvek® has increased strength and light weight. Bags from this unusual material are not only original, but also in no way inferior to leather or textile counterparts in terms of functionality. The unique material Tyvek®, created from polyethylene, imitates kraft paper, while possessing high strength and water-repellent properties. It is not afraid of water and low temperatures. Products can be washed, folded and bent without reducing the strength of the material. Bags are not afraid of rain, frost, or cold.

Tyvek® in classic sand color of kraft paper - hit collection in eco-style. But the possibilities of the material are not limited to beige shades. Looks spectacular models in black and white. Moreover, it is possible to produce linen in any color. Tyvek® is eco material. If the bag gets bored, it can be recycled. Simply contact your local plastic waste recycler.

The unique structure of Tyvek® allows you to create colorful and durable packages. Here, moisture resistance is appreciated, as well as full-color printing, which allows branding this product or applying the desired pattern. 


For the production of bags and paper-bags is used Tyvek® item number 1073D.

Material is available in stock at St. Petersburg in rolls (100mp / 1m) and in sheets (450 / 650mm).

Possible cutting into your format. 


From the material you can sew stylish bags of any model and shape that will perfectly fit into any casual wardrobe.

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