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Tyvek ™ DuPont® is a nonwoven fabric made from ultrathin yarns of low pressure polyethylene. This is the best combination of paper, film and fabric in one material. Distinctive features:  light-weight, durabilaty, waterproof, strength, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. The technical characteristics of Tyvek® allow it to be used when other materials are not suitable: extra strong packages, bags, long-lasting tags, labels, instructions, road maps, kites, posters, banners, careful and reliable art works packaging, unique gifts and souvenirs.

In 2017, Tyvek® material celebrated its 50th anniversary presence in the global market.


We represent the wide range of material density from 42,5 g / sq.m. up to 105 g / sq.m. If your application has to last, it should be printed with DuPont™ Tyvek® for Graphics. So think about what you need to produce today that has to last through a lot of tomorrows. 



Initially, the sheet is formed by producing continuous beams of very thin interconnected fibers, which are then joined by heat and pressure. The result is a shiny white sheet obtained by the spunbond method. In the production process, you can change the laying speed and binding conditions, resulting in materials that are focused on various applications.

For example, Tyvek® varieties of soft structure (sheet material with dotted bonds with embossed relief) are made for use in the textile industry, and Tyvek® with a rigid structure (is a hard, non-oriented paper type with bonds all over the area, which has good printed properties, both in sheet and in roll form) can replace traditional paper, especially in the manufacture of envelopes and printing applications.

Tyvek®—Trusted Protection for Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Tyvek®—Trusted Protection for Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging